Transitioning to Video

Friday, February 12 2010

For those of you who have been using this blog you may have noticed how text-heavy it is. The reason for this is because rigging is a very 'hands-on' type of thing and explaining it with words can quickly become very complex. This is why I am planning to re-do the site using short video explanations instead of text explanations. Over the coming weeks-months I will be posting short (approx. 5 min each) videos that give thorough yet brief explanations of different Blender rigging concepts. My hope is that it will make the information more interactive and easier to learn (especially if english is not your first language).

First will come introduction videos in which I will provide a foundation for understanding and approaching rigging in Blender. From there I will continue making videos to explain the rigging tools and components (constraints, drivers, bone options, etc.) and also create brief setup videos demonstrating multiple ways to setup individual components (shoulders, hands, legs, arms, faces, etc...). My hope is to also include videos from other Blender users demonstrating their own setups and integrate it into the blog as well. By keeping the videos separated into their own specific topics it should also be possible to update them to make sure the information is always current.

I will not delete any of the current posts/'pages', but will replace the text explanations with videos as they are made. This is so no links to the site are broken in the process of this (3rd) site revision :)

Thanks and Happy Blending!


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