Face Rigging!

Thursday, February 18 2010

So last night while eagerly anticipating the modeling sprint this weekend, I noticed a rigging post from 2 days earlier in the durian feed I had almost missed! In it Nathan basically outlined the problems he's been having getting a decent face rig out of blender's rigging tools (and I can relate! I've been trying to do this for months!). I suggested he start a thread where everyone would be able to offer ideas, and here it is!

So obviously this project takes priority over all my other ones. The tutorials I am putting together will be put on hold until this thread is resolved. I'm sure you all understand :) Please do join in the conversation if you have any ideas for creating a good face rig!

**edit: I misunderstood the nature of the thread. I thought Nathan was interested in seeking solutions for Durian. But that is not the case. I will be continuing with the tutorials on Monday :)**



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