Rigging Tutorials 2.4x

Official Tutorials

Blender: Noob to Pro Covers: Everything at the beginner level, a great starting point
Blender: BSoD Character Manual Covers: Modeling, Rigging, and Animation at the Beginner level, another great starting point
Rigging Overview by Nathan Vegdahl Covers: Armature prep and setup, basic bone manipulation, creating bone shapes (using Rinky from BBB)
Mancandy FAQ (Torrent) Covers: Full character rigging, animation

Community Tutorials

Non-Stretchy Leg Rig (Adapted from Maya) by Gord Goodwin Covers: Leg rigging with IK, footroll
Simplified Face Control Explanation by Gord Goodwin Covers: Driving shapekeys with bones, 'switchboard' style face setup, bone shapes
Face Rigging by Dave Ward Covers: Gorilla face rigging with bones
Dave Ward's Youtube Channel Covers: Building a character - Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation
Dave Ward's Face Rig Tutorial (CG Cookie) Covers: Rigging an alien face with stretchy B-Bones
Rigging a Character by Paul Caggegi Covers: Quick character rigging setup
Facial Rigging by Paul Caggegi Covers: Face rigging with bones, lattices, and action constraints
Constraints and Drivers by Paul Caggegi Covers: Action constraints, corrective shapekeys
Cockpit Mechanics by Paul Caggegi Covers: Cockpit rigging using parenting of objects
Leg (and Spine) Tutorial by Max Hammond Covers: Stretchy leg rigging
Basic Leg Rigging by Eric McGee Part: 1, 2, 3, 4 Covers: 'Reverse foot' leg rigging
Rigging and Skinning a Rat by Chris Plush Covers: Simple rigging for game characters
Wing Rigging by Jared Reisweber Covers: Bone layout for a bird wing
Rigging a Person and a Ball by David Radford Covers: simple biped rigging, stretchy ball using only bones
Rigging a Spring by BlenderUnderground Covers: Coil spring modeling and rigging using bones and hooks
Rigging a Piston (Without an Armature) by Jonathan Williamson Covers: Rigging a simple piston using parenting, empties, and constraints
Rigging a Pump-Jack by revolt_randy Covers: Using an armature to create a pump-jack.
Curving Bones by Malefico Covers: Using B-Bones to create smooth bends
IPO Drivers by Max Hammond Covers: How IPO drivers are setup
Basic Character Rigging and Skinning by Riyaz Gomes Covers: visual demonstration of a full character rig, with weighting
Corrective Shapekeys by Sean J. Macisaac Covers: The process for creating corrective shapekeys
Creating a mechanical hinge joint by Raul Abonitalla Jr Covers: Rigging a multi-axis hinge joint


Quaternion Rotations by Nathan Vegdahl (Cessen) Threads: 1, 2 Covers: Quaternion behaviour as it currently is in Blender
Modeling for Articulation Covers: Animations and examples of mesh deformations for body mechanics
Basic Rigging Tutorial Covers: Simple rig creation


pyConstraints Overview by Aligorith Covers: Overview of code layout, examples
Pivoting with pyConstraints by Malefico Covers: Changing the pivot center of a bone interactively

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