The Floor Constraint


This constraint prevents objects or bones from being able to move past the position of a target in an axis, simulating the effect of a floor.

Options and Settings

OB: The Object to serve as the controller (when rigging, it is the name of the Armature Object which contains the controller bone).

BO: The Bone to serve as the controller.

Sticky (Button) Will prevent the constrained object or bone from 'sliding' along the 'floor'.

Use Rot (Button) Use this if you plan to change the orientation of the floor (Basically switches the target from Global to Local).

Offset: Offsets the location of the floor in the designated axis.

Max/Min X/Y/Z (-) Determines which side of the target the constrained object or bone will be confined to, and in which axis.

Head/Tail: Determines whether the head or tail of the control bone is used as the target. The constrained bone can follow the head (0) or tail (1), or any value inbetween (giving access to the whole bone).

Influence Determines the influence of the constraint as a percentage from 0-100%. This value can be animated manually, or driven by another object or bone in the IPO.

Show Shows the constraint in the IPO window.

Key Sets a keyframe on the current Influence of the constraint at the current frame.

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